SPLLOC2 Corpus

Laura Domínguez
Modern Languages
University of Southampton


Participants: 20
Type of Study: classroom
Location: UK
Media type: audio
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5RG7C

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Citation information

Mitchell, R., Domínguez, L., Arche, M., Myles, F., & Marsden, E. (2008). SPLLOC: A new database for Spanish second language acquisition research. EuroSLA yearbook, 8(1), 287-304.

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Project Description

SPLLOC is a corpus of L2 Spanish (a.k.a. SPLLOC) that has been collected by a team of researchers in Southampton and Newcastle universities sponsored by an ESRC research grant award (2008-2010). The data is also freely available in anonymised form through the project website for use by other second language acquisition researchers.

The L2 oral Spanish data have been collected from classroom learners in schools and universities in England, using a series of specially designed elicitation tasks, including storytelling, picture description, discussion and individual interview. There were 20 learners at each of 3 levels: beginners (Year 9 students aged 13-14), intermediate students (A2 students aged 17-18), and fourth year undergraduates. All of them were native English speakers. Depending on their level, each learner was audiorecorded undertaking between 3 and 5 oral tasks. They also completed computer based and paper based tasks that provided complementary data on aspects of their Spanish knowledge. For comparison purposes, small numbers of native speakers were also recorded undertaking the same tasks. The resulting database contains 290 digital soundfiles (240 learner recordings, 50 native speaker recordings) that are accompanied by transcripts in CHILDES format. Some files also have an extra layer of tagging which identifies parts of speech.