Barraja-Rohan Corpus

Anne-Marie Barraja-Rohan
Monash University

Participants: 6
Type of Study: conversational
Location: Australia
Media type: audio
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5KD74

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Citation information

Barraja-Rohan, A. M. (2013). Second Language Interactional Competence and its Development: A Study of International Students in Australia. Unpublished dissertation, Monash University.

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Project Description

The focal interactants are adult international students who spoke English as a second language and who had newly arrived at an Australian university. These undergraduate international students from various Asian backgrounds interacted over a period of seven months with Australian graduate students who were native speakers of English. The interactions took place in English at the university outside of class. The interactants did not know each other at the beginning of the study.