TalkBank SLABank

This page provides an index to TalkBank SLABank data on second language acquisition (SLA).

You can also browse the SLABank database online from here.

Corpus_________________ Description Contributor
Multiple – ESF The ESF Project in 8 languages Wolfgang Klein and Clive Perdue
Multiple – Dresden The Dresden program in 3 languages Angelika Kubanek-German
Multiple – Menendez Signers writing in 3 languages Bruno Menendez
Czech – Dresden 10-year-old German children learning Czech Angelika Kubanek-German
English – Barraja-Rohan foreign students in Australia Anne-Marie Barraja-Rohan
English – BELC children and teenagers learning English in Barcelona Carme Muñoz
English – Connolly Junior High students learning English in Japan Steve Connolly
English – CUHK children learning English in Hong Kong Brian MacWhinney
English – Dresden 10-year-old German children learning English Angelika Kubanek-German
English – Markee video of two students learning English Numa Markee
English – PAROLE students learning English in France Heather Hilton and John Osborne
English – Qatar Arabic University students learning English Helen Zhao
English – van Compernolle video of a lesson in an English SLA class Remi van Campernolle
English – Vercellotti study of fluency in college English learners Mary Lou Vercellotti
French – Dresden 10-year-old German children learning French Angelika Kubanek-German
French – FLLOC school children learning French in the UK Florence Myles and Rosamund Thornton
French – Newcastle College students learning French in UK Florence Myles
French – PAROLE students learning French in France Heather Hilton and John Osborne
French – Reading oral proficiency interviews with English 16-year-olds learning French Brian Richards
French – TCD students learning French in France Sean Devitt
French – UWI students learning French in Jamaica Hugues Peters
German – RyanDan CMU students learning German Ryan Miller and Dan Walter
German – Dimroth students learning German Christine Dimroth
German – VYSA High School abroad students learning German, in PhonBank Anne Vainikka and Martha Young-Scholten
Hungarian – Langman Chinese learners of Hungarian Juliet Langman
Italian - PAROLE French students learning Italian and native controls Heather Hilton and John Osborne
Mandarin – COPA College students learning Mandarin in Hong Kong Yanhui Zhang
Mandarin – HKPU College students learning Mandarin in Hong Kong Angel Chan
Spanish – BCN-L2 Berber students learning Spanish Aurora Bel
Spanish – Díaz Rodríguez students learning Spanish Lourdes Díaz Rodríguez
Spanish – Liceras students learning Spanish Juana Liceras
Spanish – Nicolás 2 Arabic-speaking students learning Spanish Estrella Nicolás
Spanish – SPLLOC1 students learning Spanish Laura Domínguez
Spanish – SPLLOC2 students learning Spanish Laura Domínguez
Nebrija-INMIGRA immigrants from 17 countries using Spanish Juana Liceras and 10 colleagues in the LAELE Research Group
Nebrija-OAP-English USA English learners of Spanish giving academic presentations María de los Ángeles Vergara Padilla
Nebrija-OCAE Chinese students reading academic emails David Rodriquez Velasco
CapVid Materials
CapVid Texts for the CapVid function Brian MacWhinney